Monday, July 1, 2013

Introductions and Goodbyes

It seems the blog hasn't been updated in a while. Gina was highly motivated to post updates, but Gina left in March. It is now June and we have several new faces in the lab, myself included. I suppose an introduction is in order. I'm Robin Alexis, the newest intern at the Collin Lab, although I arrived in Panamá nearly three weeks ago. 
The lab line-up has changed quite a bit since the last posts. Of course Dr Collin is still here, and our wonderful lab manager, Isis Ochoa. When I arrived, we had five interns in the lab. As of Friday, that number is reduced to four. Longtime intern Allan Carrillo left on Sunday to return briefly to Costa Rica before moving on to pursue a master's degree. Still remaining are Abraham Osario; Abby Spangler; Abrial Meyer, who also goes by Abby (to make things even more confusing, the two Abbys are roommates); and myself.
That's the current state of the lab, and that's all I have for now.

Top row, left to right:  Rachel, Allen, Abrial, Sebastien
Bottom row:  Abraham, Abby, Robin and Isis.

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