Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Personal Collin Lab Experience

By Paul Schmidt Yáñez

Hey Everybody,

Some of you might know me but more, I guess, will not, so I'll quickly introduce myself and my connection to the Collin Lab.

I'm Paul, Bachelor of Science student in biology at the Free University of Berlin and, before long, Masters student in Göttingen in Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution. I had the chance to visit the Collin Lab, especially all it's nice people, between April and August 2010 for an internship during my Bachelor studies.

I really enjoyed my stay and the wonderful time and also have special moments I won't forget.

Something I'll never forget are the busses. They are always crowded and super uncomfortable. They break down every once in a while and take really long traveling through the countryside. In other words: just perfect! One I miss especially is the institute's bus taking people from Tupper to Naos every morning around 7 or so. There was a special comfort sitting in that tiny bus, cramped together with all the other people before the day began. There wasn't much talk in the mornings except for special occasions like soccer matches but that didn't matter. Sitting in that bus always made you feel a little more Panamanian, more connected to the people. I liked it.

Also another memorable moment was, when Kecia, Abby, Matt and I went sampling to a beach, close to la Boca to get some fiddler crabs. I forgot to lock the door of the car, something you'll always end up learning the hard way if you don't pay attention. I didn't care too much about my notebook but poor Matt ended up without his wallet, including ID, and especially without pants! I still feel really guilty about that, sorry Matt!

Another thing I really appreciated was the lunchtime with perfect harmony and weather, when the lab went to Isla Perico to eat at a small pizza shop close to the Yacht Club. It is the best pizza on the causeway and a tradition that should not be forgotten!

The famous "Pizza al leño" with other Naos students
Some people in the Collin Lab group having a TGIF beer (although that term did not really apply since working with those persons was always fun :)

So that's it, some small bits of memory I wanted to share with you. And now that I've written them down new ones pop up out of the blue and conjure smiles onto my face during work, in much colder and far less tropical, Berlin.

Hope you enjoyed,


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  1. But I still feel guilty that your computer was stolen! Don't worry about my pants or wallet! Haha

    Thanks for the post, Paul!