Friday, May 23, 2014

CollinLab celebrated The Biodiversity day in Punta Culebra!

Yesterday, May 22nd Collin Lab was invited to the celebration of The Biodiversity Day at Punta Culebra.

We celebrated with 197 children from three different schools from Panama city. The purpose was to show some scientific projects that STRI scientists have developed on different islands in the country. There were three stands representing: The Bocas del Toro Research Station, Barro Colorado Island and the Naos-Culebra Laboratories.

Shirley, Nerea and Isis, CollinLab members before the students arrive.
CollinLab demonstrated the project at Punta Culebra with Nerita snails. We explained to the children how we monitor reproduction, salinity and temperature at Punta Culebra.

While we were explaining the project...
It was a really good day, we shared our research with the students and met some future scientists!

Some of the prospective scientists using a refractometer to check the salinity

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